Where Should I Start? Your Guide to Kitchen Remodeling

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Where Should I Start? Your Guide to Kitchen Remodeling

Where Should I Start? Your Guide to Kitchen Remodeling

Remodeling a kitchen is one way to increase your home equity and improve space functionality. You can replace old fixtures and appliances for more efficient options. A remodel can also transform your aesthetics and turn your cooking space into an inspiring area. At Seven Valley Home Renovations, we offer professional kitchen remodeling services customized to your needs. Here are five tips to help you remodel your kitchen:

1. Identify The Basic Remodeling Steps

Kitchen and bathroom remodeling share many basic steps. At Seven Valley Home Renovations, we break down the remodeling process into preconstruction, demolition, rebuilding, and finishing. Preconstruction involves discussing the project’s specifications and determining where to get special permits if needed. Demolition is about tearing down the old kitchen in readiness for the new changes.

We’ll help you select the best finishing for your cabinets, countertops, and fixtures. Our team will also complete the foundation work, construct new or additional walls, and replace or relocate old plumbing. We can install insulation, drywall, new cabinets, trims, and countertops. Our team also handles wall and ceiling painting, backsplash installation, new flooring, appliances, and fixtures. Understanding the basic steps can help you with planning and budgeting.

2. Gather & Sketch Your Remodeling Ideas

The first step in any home kitchen remodeling project is deciding what you want. If you spend more time during this phase, you can outline everything for your new kitchen. Identifying and refining your remodeling needs allows you to research and budget accordingly. You can find inspiration from our remodeling gallery and past projects. Pinterest boards and other home improvement idea websites can also be handy when gathering ideas.

Go through a broad range of layouts and designs to determine the fixtures, materials, and finishes you want in your kitchen. Consider your kitchen’s functionality and space and draw up a general outline of the remodel you seek. Our team will help you achieve your envisioned design and layout. We’re experienced in all types of kitchen and bathroom remodeling. Our contractors can complete large transformations and are also able to work on smaller projects.

3. Create a Draft Budget

Kitchen renovations and upgrades can be affordable or expensive based on various factors. The scope of remodeling, material choice, and finishes all impact the remodeling cost. Once you determine your needs, you can find out how much the remodeling will cost. Seven Valley Home Renovations provides ballpark estimates that you can use to draft your budget. Establishing a budget allows you to prioritize specific upgrades and get the most for your money.

Budgeting calls for research and consultation with experienced designers. Our team is ready to provide professional insights and help you determine the best solutions for your needs. We can work with any budget and use high-quality materials and fixtures. Our remodelers can help you refine your plan, find out where to save more, and identify the main bulk of the project. We’ll also estimate the timeline and analyze potential issues before commencing the project.

4. Work With Professional Remodelers

Seven Valley Home Renovations is a reputable residential remodeling company you can trust for quality kitchen and bathroom renovations. We have a well-rounded team comprising experts for all aspects of kitchen, bath, deck, and living room remodeling. Our team can handle expensive granite countertops, custom kitchen cabinetry, project management, and more.

Working with our contractors gives you peace of mind knowing professionals will handle everything. We have a history of providing quality home remodeling services. Our contractors will help you refine your budget and create a remodeling schedule. Involving professionals is the best way to achieve quality kitchen transformations. 

5. Prepare For Demolition & Installation

Once the paperwork and proper permits are complete, the remaining part is demolition and installation. You should be prepared for demolition day to give contractors easy access and protect your family from potential disruptions. Some homeowners leave their houses when demolition starts, but you can remain and monitor the process. 

Plan ahead to have a space you can use for meal preparation once your kitchen starts to undergo renovations. You can use another room in the house. Make sure you have space for preparing your light meals. If you’re leaving the house, bring only the essential appliances. You can also use a mini-fridge to store your perishable items. Meal preparation will be affected the most, so you should have a plan, given that remodeling can take days, weeks, or even months depending on the changes required. 

Working With Our Kitchen Remodeling Company

Kitchen remodeling can transform your home, but only if handled by experienced professionals. At Seven Valley Home Renovations, we pride ourselves on meeting client needs and creating efficient spaces around their home. Our remodelers have years of industry experience and can help you with your residential remodeling. We provide kitchen and bathroom remodeling, home renovations, decks, sidings, roofs, and more.