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Renovating Your Home One Step at a Time

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Instead of moving to a new home, let Seven Valley Home Renovations help you turn your current house into your dream home. We perform all facets of interior remodeling from floors to ceilings and everything in between. Our design team can assist you with a simple bathroom update or a complete kitchen renovation. We love helping our clients see the potential in their existing homes. 

We are based in Liverpool, NY, and serve clients throughout the greater Syracuse area including Manlius, Cicero, and Camillus.

Which Home Remodeling Projects Add the Most Value?

Clients often ask us which remodeling projects will increase their home’s value the most. Many factors affect how much return on investment you can expect on a renovation project.  On average, you can expect about a 70% return. Luxury upgrades and highly personalized projects probably won’t add much financial value to your home. But if you plan on staying put for 10 years or more, the amount of enjoyment a pet project can add is priceless. 

Home improvements with the highest return include those that add functional space such as completing an unfinished basement or renovating an outdated and dysfunctional kitchen or bath. 

We think the most important thing to remember is that a home is not like a car that starts to depreciate as soon as you buy it. When you invest in home renovations, you are investing in an appreciating asset. You are also investing in your quality of life and building memories that your family will cherish forever. 

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Reap the Benefits of Home Renovation

Both small and large renovations projects are beneficial. When a remodel is finished you and your home will feel fresh and new. We understand that taking on any size of a home remodeling project can be nerve-wracking. Seven Valley is here to provide the fair, transparent quotes and honest answers that will help you through the process from start to finish. 

If you’re considering a kitchen or bathroom remodel, or any type of home renovation project, keep the following benefits in mind.

Increase Property Value

When it comes to home remodeling, the number-one concern for most people is home value. Remodeling projects that focus on needed updates, improving function, and increasing the square footage of your property will almost always increase property value. If increasing home value is your motivation, the Seven Valley team can help you choose the projects and finishes that offer the best return on your investment. 

More Comfort

Giving everyone the room they need to grow is an important benefit of remodeling. Adding a bathroom or bedroom can transform a too-small house into a luxurious, comfortable home every member of the family enjoys spending time in. It’s amazing how much a little extra square footage does to improve the flow and function of a home—providing both privacy and roomy spaces where everyone can gather together. 

Preparing for the Future

Some upgrades and repairs get more costly the longer you wait to deal with them. Investing the time and money to complete deferred maintenance jobs now means less work in the future. If you are an older homeowner, aging-in-place renovations will ensure your home remains a safe and functional place where you can enjoy your retirement years. 


Part of the dream of homeownership is the chance to make things exactly the way you want them. No more landlord to tell you what you can and cannot do! Whether you are buying a starter house or your forever home, feeling truly at home is one of the greatest benefits of a home renovation. 

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What to Expect During Your Home Renovation

Living through renovation projects can be a challenge, especially if you need to live in the home for the entire length of the project. The Seven Valley team works hard to keep any inconveniences to a minimum, though you will feel some impact from the renovation process. You can expect:

Dust and dirt: Our professionals take time to seal off the workspace from the rest of the house to prevent dust from escaping.

Interruptions to utilities: Not every job requires an interruption, but there may be times when your power, water, gas, or internet services are shut off. Our team will stay in communication so that you have time to make backup plans if/when interruptions are necessary.

Noise and traffic: Remodeling is a noisy job, and throughout the course of a project, there may be many different tradespeople going in and out of the house. Seven Valley Home Renovations does not hire subcontractors. All of our workers are fully licensed and vetted members of the Seven Valley team. 

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Seven Valley Is Here to Help Make Your Dream Home a Reality

At Seven Valley, we are proud of our team and the work we do. Providing great customer service is our goal, and we strive to meet that goal by providing honesty, integrity, and professionalism with every job. We look forward to serving you. Call us today, and let’s get started making plans for the home of your dreams.

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