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The most important advice that can be given, is to perform regular maintained and upkeep. A few hundred dollars throughout the year for upkeep can save thousands in the long run by preventing larger, more costly repairs. Maintanence also allows you to identify HVAC systems, like water heaters & furnaces, that may be at the end of there life.

When performing maintenance on your home, the saying top to bottom should be taken literally. One’s roof is often the single most expensive home improvement cost a homeowner will incur. Sealing around chimneys and pipe boots, as well as addressing any nail pops and cracks that may be present are a must to get the full life of a roof.

Moving down to the walls of the house; window and door openings present an opportunity to perform very simple and cost-effective maintenance. Every few years the silicone seal around the opening should be removed in order to reseal. In addition, if your exterior window or door is wood, it should be sealed or wraps with aluminum to prevent deterioration and rot.

Last but definitely not least is the foundation and basement. For anyone that has a full basement, finished or not, they know it can be a huge headache. Whether you just bought a home or have lived there for years, waterproofing your basement is a must. The first thing you should do if you have a water infiltration issue, is make sure you have proper working gutters. Gutters are designed to push water away from your home. They should be on all eves and have downspouts that empty at least 4-6 feet away from the home. If the downspouts are simply directing all the water to the ground just outside the foundation wall, it will almost always make its way back into the basement.

If the gutters are not enough, the next thing you need to do is make sure the ground just outside the foundation wall is graded away from the home. This will help the water flow away from the wall and not to it. A basement sealer can also be used to prevent normal seepage through the foundation wall. This is usually the go to solution for most people, but generally speaking if the first two things are not addressed, it is only a matter of time before water makes its way back through the concrete and into the basement.

The last line of defense is to install a sub pump. A sub pump is a piece of equipment that pumps excess water that finds its way into the basement, out of the home. It is installed by cutting a hole in the floor at the lowest point of the basement. As ground water rises, it triggers the pump and the rising water never reaches the interior surface of the floor.


Home renovations can be something as small as a fresh coat of paint and new lights, or as large as a complete remodel. The first thing any homeowner should ask themselves prior to taking on a renovation project is, how long do they plan on living in the home.

If the answer is less than 10 years, any renovation project should take into account current and future trends and how the renovation they want will affect resale value. Something that may be on your wish list, could be something that hinders or delays a future sale.

If the answer is more than ten years, then the renovation should take into account where you will be both professionally and personally in 10 years. Is a large family in your future? If so maybe bedroom space, and additional bathrooms are the most functional and practical way to spend your money. Do you entertain? If so, then maybe a larger kitchen with an open floor plan or a larger deck is where your money will be best spent.

Whatever your project,  small or large, Seven Valley Home Renovations LLC can service your needs as well as your wants.

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