Where Should I Start With a Home Renovation?

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Where Should I Start With a Home Renovation?

Where Should I Start With a Home Renovation?

Homeowners who want to start the renovation process should work with professional contractors. At Seven Valley Home Renovations, we help homeowners understand the most effective ways to make changes within their homes. Our team specializes in completing whole-house and single-room renovation projects that improve the value of a home. Here are some tips for getting started on your home renovation:

Create a Plan

Before starting your remodeling project, create a detailed plan of your goals for the end result’s appearance and functionality. Include inspirational pictures of desired furniture and appliances, and look for paint color and flooring samples that match your vision. Set a reasonable budget early on in the planning process to stay within your financial means throughout the project. A helpful tip for creating an accurate budget is assessing the current condition of your home or room and how much work will be required to achieve your goals.

Hire Contractors

Once you have a plan for your project, hire a reputable renovation company like Seven Valley Home Renovations. Working with a professional team helps confirm the quality and safety of your project. Providing the contractors with your detailed plan lets them gain a thorough understanding of your project goals and expectations. It also helps them create an estimated timeline and price for their services. This estimate should include a detailed list of expenses and services to help you understand how your resources are being used. 

Our team will visit your home to evaluate the area you want to change to determine whether we can perform your desired renovations. We will also keep you informed of every step in the process and ask for your feedback to make sure your needs are being met. Before demolition and renovation, we obtain the necessary permits to confirm all changes align with local regulations and codes. Here are some of the home renovations we specialize in:


If your bathroom is outdated or not functioning optimally, some simple renovations can restore its condition. Some homeowners may require more serious adjustments, like relocating or replacing plumbing lines. Our team has the training to handle these plumbing issues and confirm the bathroom is properly waterproofed and ventilated to prevent future damage. Once the key structural issues have been addressed, we focus on interior design elements like lighting, flooring, storage, and hardware. We can add custom cabinetry and vanities to improve your space’s functionality.


Outdated kitchens benefit from renovations that add visual appeal and maximize the space. Our team completes kitchen remodels that involve adding and removing walls to create open-concept layouts. If you want to move your sink or appliances, we can adjust plumbing and utility hookups to create a more effective layout. We will also install your cabinets and add countertops that match the layout and your interior design preferences. We have in-house designers and connections to local suppliers that allow our customers to find appliances, decor, and other elements that match their style. Our team can also suggest energy-efficient appliances to help you conserve energy and reduce utility bills over time.


Our team has experience with exterior home renovation projects, like replacing roofing, siding, and decks. The quality of your home’s siding and roofing may affect its interior temperature and comfort level. If your roofing or siding is worn or damaged, we will remove and replace it to regulate heat transfer and create a visually appealing exterior. Our team will help boost your home’s curb appeal by replacing rotten or damaged decks with new, stained wood that is weatherproof and resistant to pests.

Start Your Home Renovations

Home renovation projects can improve your home’s resale value and create a more comfortable and functional living space. Seven Valley Home Renovations handles minor and major renovations to help you create your dream home. Our team has over 20 years of experience completing residential remodeling projects in the Liverpool, New York area. Contact us today to learn more about our services and receive a free quote.