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Start Planning Your Spring Building Projects Now

Start Planning Your Spring Building Projects Now

Wait, it’s still snowing. Why would any sane person start Home Renovations now? The very simple answer is, so you’re ready for Spring. Let’s be honest, it’s rotten luck that you’re not in Hawaii with a drink in your hand. But everyone’s in the same boat. Nowhere to go, but there’s a lot to do … if you’re smart.

Start Now on Your Home Renovations

Getting ahead of the game is the perfect answer for the Winter blues and also gets your family excited for warmer weather. Involving your family and especially your kids in Home Renovations is brilliant for a few reasons. It’ll make the time go by faster. You’ll have fun.

I promise.You and your kids will have learned a few new skills and will have made some pretty amazing memories while you’re at it. 

Raised Planters Are the New Fire Pit

Remember when everyone had to have a fire pit? And you kind of felt lame because you were the last one on the earth to have one? Don’t get left behind again. Gardening is the new craze of the pandemic. (Along with sweat pants and learning to cook.) I remember going to the store last spring and not being able to find any good vegetables for my family. Growing your own produce is now pretty common. There are thousands of articles on the basics of how to grow just about anything. But having raised planters is the first place to start. They cut down on weeding, back aches and make your yard look fantastic at the same time.

On the scale of Home Renovations – this is the easiest project you can do. Use cedar wood and you’ll be doing your bank account a favor. Buying planters premade can be expensive and in my opinion, unnecessary. Put in the time and the effort and of course, involve your kids if you can, and you’ll have a beautiful garden that will bring a lot of pride and joy and even good nutrition to your family.

An Outdoor Water Feature that Brings All the Zen

When you hear the words Home Renovations, you’re probably thinking about painting, redoing the kitchen cabinets, or getting rid of that ugly tile in your bathroom. But now that we’ve all been stuck at home for awhile, the definition of home now includes every inch of your yard too. And when you want to escape from life, your backyard can be the oasis you’ve always dreamed of.  Doing one small project at a time can really add up as you go. Paradise is now what you make of it. And a beautiful little water feature and the sound of water has been scientifically proven to calm anxiety and stress. And who doesn’t need that?

You can use pots, stacked stone and even a wheelbarrow to create your masterpiece. Do what fits your style and your budget. One of the prettiest water features I’ve seen was a circle of river rock with the fountain in the middle. Sometimes less is more. Whatever you choose, just know that at the end of the day, as you’re relaxing in your backyard with your family, a little slice of heaven is just a little water feature away.

The Right Deck Can Add Beauty and Living Space to Your Home

Everyone dreams of relaxing on their back deck after a hard day’s work. Picture it now – you’re sitting there watching your family play in the backyard as you bask in the glory of your new deck. Now, even if you are a hardcore Do-It-Yourselfer, you might actually want to consider hiring skilled labor for this job. One important reason would be that if you ever want to sell your house, there will be an inspection on the home and if it’s not built to your city’s code, it’ll need to be fixed, or worse – redone. Which will cost a lot more in the long run. Do your research, plan it out, and then factor in your skill level, and the building codes for your city and see what you feel comfortable with.