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First Steps to Take When Remodeling a Bathroom

First Steps to Take When Remodeling a Bathroom

If you want to update an older bathroom, it’s likely to be a large undertaking. Bathroom remodeling can be intensive, but it can transform an outdated space and add value to your property. Seven Valley Home Renovations can help you prepare for this big project. Here are a few things to keep in mind when remodeling a bathroom:

Know What You Want

The first step in remodeling a bathroom is to know what you want to change. You may decide on a partial remodel with new floors and a new coat of paint. Perhaps you want a full remodel with a new vanity and cabinets, updated fixtures, and possibly even a different layout. The scope of the project will influence how long everything will take.

Seven Valley Home Renovations can help you decide if you’re unsure what to do with your current space. We can walk you through a time frame, pricing, and designs. You can check out our gallery to see previous projects that may provide inspiration.

Get an Estimate

Once you have an idea of the work you want to do for the bathroom remodeling project, you’ll need an estimate of the costs involved. This price should include extra in the budget for contingencies. You don’t want any unexpected costs to catch you by surprise. You will also want to discuss a time frame so you know how long you will have to plan to be without a bathroom. Seven Valley provides a full estimate for time frame as well as the budget. We will help you plan for any contingencies. Our team plans ahead to ensure we stay on budget and on time. 

Apply for Permits

Depending on the scale of the project, before any remodeling work can begin, you will need to get permits from the county or city where you live. You will need to pay a permit fee and may be required to show the plans you have for the bathroom remodeling project.

Seven Valley takes care of this task for you. Our contractors will fill out the applications for permits. Once the permits have been approved and issued, we can be ready to begin work on your bathroom.

Find Materials

While waiting for the permits, our team will work with you for your final selections on the finishings. Our in-house designers will show you available options from local suppliers and help you decide what works well together.

You’ll need to think about everything from colors to materials for your new bathroom. You may want heated flooring or need to decide between wood, laminate, or tile floors. Consider the countertop and cabinets along with the vanity and mirrors.

While it’s possible to change your mind after the work begins, it might incur an additional cost. It’s better to work with our design experts ahead of time and choose selections that suit the look you want for your new space.

Start Demolition

The next step in your bathroom remodeling process is demolition. At this point, you can no longer use the bathroom as your space until the work is completed. You’ll need to remove all personal items, such as towels, makeup, soap, and extra furniture.

The team at Seven Valley will close off the bathroom from the rest of the house to reduce the amount of dust that comes from the demolition. We’ll remove the old cabinets if they are being replaced. We may need to tear out walls if you’re wanting to make the bathroom bigger. We may need to do foundation work, relocate plumbing, build new walls, and install insulation and drywall. All of this work must be completed before we start moving appliances into the new space.

Use Professionals

If you’re still excited about the thought of having a new bathroom, you’ll want to work with an experienced professional team who understands the challenges you may face. Having that team in place will give you peace of mind and more confidence in the final project.

Seven Valley Home Renovations is based in Liverpool, New York, providing full-service remodeling for residential properties. We use our own team for all the work. We never subcontract any of the jobs on a remodel project. Our focus is on honesty and integrity.

From our design team to the people who do the actual remodel, everyone is committed to providing exceptional customer service. We’ll take the time to answer your questions and allay any concerns you may have about taking on such a big project.

Choose Seven Valley for Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

If you’re ready to enjoy a new bathroom that fits your individual style, trust the experts at Seven Valley Home Renovations. Give us a call or stop by to talk to our team about your vision. We want to help you get the bathroom of your dreams for a price that fits into your budget.