Creating A Simple Powder Room for Your Guests

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Creating A Simple Powder Room for Your Guests

Creating A Simple Powder Room for Your Guests

A powder room can increase a home’s value and offer many other benefits. So it’s no surprise that many have undergone bathroom remodeling or renovation to get one. Powder rooms are half-baths, sometimes referred to as service bathrooms. These bathrooms typically contain a sink, mirror, and toilet, including storage for supplies.

For instance, many powder rooms have an under-sink cabinet, where towels, soap, toilet paper, and other essentials are stored. The only thing powder rooms don’t have are fixtures for bathing.

Benefits of Creating a Power Room

Aside from increasing your home’s value, a powder room offers the following benefits.

A Bathroom for Your Guests 

A powder room is where guests can visit to use the toilet or sink, which keeps full bathrooms private. It’s also ideal for situations where you forgot to prepare your home to receive guests. Additionally, you might not want guests roaming all over your house to find a bathroom. Powder rooms are often conveniently located near living rooms or on the lower floors for easy access.

Take Up Less Space Than Full-Baths 

If you don’t have enough space for a full bath, consider bathroom remodeling or renovation to create a powder room. You can practically fit half-baths anywhere within a home. Just make sure you hire a good contractor. The person can also help you determine which space is best suited for a powder room.

It’s Always Nice to Have Another Bathroom

Busy mornings, such as getting ready for school or work, can be stressful when you don’t have enough bathrooms. A powder room is an extra bathroom even though it doesn’t have a bath. Sometimes, all one needs is a lovely face and teeth wash before going about the day. Therefore, having a powder room in your home can decrease foot traffic, making busy times more comfortable to manage.

Bathroom Remodelling or Renovation Considerations

By now, you’re probably even more excited about powder rooms. When planning to create one, consider the following things.

Location and floor area — Where would you like to put your powder room? Ideally, it should be located on the lower floor of your home or close to the living room. You’ll also need a spot that’s at least 3 to 4 feet wide and 8 to 8 feet long.

Plumbing — Place your powder room as close to existing plumbing as possible. That way, you’ll require less additional plumbing and labor, which can reduce cost.

Electrical and ventilation — Older homes may not have up-to-code ventilation or electrical systems. Building codes typically mandate an exhaust vent or operable window in every bathroom to ensure proper ventilation. You may also need to install GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlets to provide extra protection against shock in wet areas.

Wrapping Up

The powder room was a luxury once only found in grand homes, but today it’s a staple in new residences. A remodeling or renovations specialist can help you understand how much space is required and the best spot for these rooms.

Whatever your vision is, Seven Valley Home Renovations LLC can help make it a reality. From customized bathrooms to modernized kitchens to new decks, you’ll get quality artistry.  Get in touch today.