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5 Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

If your home has an outdated kitchen, you may be looking for inspiration before you begin a renovation. Seven Valley Home Renovations can turn your ideas into reality with top-quality kitchen remodeling. Consider the following ideas to help you decide on a new look:

Maximize Space

No matter the size of your kitchen, you’ll want to maximize that space. As our team sits down with you to go over the design of your kitchen remodel, we’ll look at the total picture of how everything will fit together. You may decide to remove a wall and combine the kitchen and dining room. You could create an open floor plan by combining the kitchen and living areas.

We’ll discuss how you plan to use your kitchen and what the traffic flow looks like. You might need a different look based on whether you like to throw big dinner parties or just invite a few friends over for a meal. This process will help us guide you in setting up your layout and incorporating the right elements, such as appliances and lighting. 

Get Smart

As you come up with ideas for your kitchen remodeling project, consider how smart appliances can enhance your life.

  • Get the inventory of your refrigerator from a touchscreen or check to see what you have while you’re at the store.
  • It helps save money on energy with different settings
  • Sends alerts if there’s an issue with the appliance
  • Adjust the settings of your toaster or microwave with your voice.
  • Make sure the food is cooked evenly and to the perfect color with a smart oven that shuts off automatically when it detects the correct level of brownness. 

We’ll help you decide what you need help with in the kitchen and what smart appliances can do the job. While installing new appliances is almost the last step in remodeling, choosing those appliances must happen early on. We’ll go over the details during our preconstruction phase, so we know how much space is needed for those items and how they will fit in the overall scheme. 

Increase Storage

If you’re remodeling the kitchen, you’ll want to add storage to improve the layout or traffic flow. Even small kitchens can have increased storage when you use unique solutions. Modern kitchen islands offer extra cabinets and drawers with appliances that fit under the counter to conserve space. 

An eat-in kitchen may feature bench seating that opens up for extra storage. Open shelves and hooks for pots and pans can provide additional options to keep everything organized. Our team will discuss your storage needs and help you come up with a plan to fit everything in the space. 

Go Bold

Make a statement in your kitchen remodel using bright and bold colors. Jewel tones have become popular in kitchens, with deep reds and dark purples replacing the lighter and brighter shades from previous years. Dark shades are best used in larger spaces, while lighter hues can open up a smaller kitchen. Bright yellow and light blue create an inviting space to spend with the family or to entertain. 

While you may initially think of color for the walls or flooring, you’ll find that bright shades can add character elsewhere in the room. Choose a backsplash with a bold color, or add pendant lights with vibrant hues. Include brightly colored artwork on walls or pottery on shelves. We can customize your backsplash for your desired look or find the perfect lighting elements for the space. 

Keep It Neutral

The opposite of going bold is choosing a neutral look for your kitchen. Neutral shades have come a long way, with grays or black and white adding a modern touch to the space. An all-white kitchen is a classic that never goes out of style. It also creates an open feel, which is helpful with smaller rooms. 

Gray has become more popular, with multiple shades to choose from. A darker shade can create a cozy space, or a lighter hue may give the impression of a larger room. You’ll find that gray cabinets and gray stone countertops and floors can create a warm welcome. 

Black and white combined can provide a modern look to your kitchen. Mix and match the cabinets in the two colors. You might choose black for the bottom cabinets with white on top. Black and white marble floors and countertops create a sense of luxury.

Let Us Help With Your Kitchen Remodeling Project

If you need help coming up with the perfect idea for your new kitchen, our team at Seven Valley Home Renovations can provide the inspiration. We can help you come up with remodeling ideas that improve the look of the space and its function. Once you decide on a design, we’ll implement your dream and turn it into reality with a kitchen you’ll enjoy for many years.