What’s Trending in Kitchen Remodeling?

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What’s Trending in Kitchen Remodeling?

What’s Trending in Kitchen Remodeling?

The frequent use of our kitchen spaces can eventually render most of the features battered. Sinks start to leak, cabinets wear out, tiles begin to lift, and colors fade. In addition to upgrading your living experience, kitchen remodeling adds to your home’s value, which is a great plus. Here’s a quick list of the top trending remodeling ideas that you can steal for your next kitchen project.

Smart Kitchens

Technology advances have contributed significantly to the rise of the smart kitchen. This isn’t just in the form of luxurious gadgets. You can now integrate technology into every function and appliance in your kitchen – from the faucets to the lighting.

Smart Kitchens are one of the most popular new aspects of design. Most homeowners are now building their kitchens with smart functions from the very start of the construction process. You can add sensors and other devices for increased convenience for kitchens of any age.

Easy add-ons include motion sense-equipped kitchen faucets and refrigerators that alert you when you run out of groceries. You can also go for programmable coffee makers that will have your refreshing caramelly coffee ready when you wake up.

As you work on your kitchen remodeling project, remember to update your lighting system. That way, you’ll be able to control all your lights from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet.

Test Out the Dark Vibe

Bright white cabinets and countertops are a classic look that you can use in almost any kitchen style. However, we’re now slowly starting to see them on their way out. Tons of beautiful black marble, midnight green, and even plum are making their way into our kitchens.

Dark jewel tones enhance your kitchen space, thanks to the dramatic feel and pronounced personality they bring. They also portray a rich, luxurious atmosphere and a full-on elegance that the other color options don’t. 

However, be careful with the colors you mix and match with the black. If you go plain dark, have shimmers of white to dim the outcome. Darker kitchens are becoming a definite vibe for trendy homes.

Streamlined Cabinetry

Although farmhouse and mid-century kitchen remodeling styles are still popular, most homeowners are embracing a more streamlined look these days. Expect to see many modern kitchens with simple lines and fewer embellishments, especially in open-kitchen concepts. 

Oh! And when we say streamlined, we don’t mean boring. Consider using materials with texture. For instance, if you’re using open shelving, opt for metal tubing for an industrial attitude. You can also use rough cut wood to incorporate natural elements. Backsplash tiles or flooring tiles in a natural stone make for the ideal focal point.

Removing upper wall cabinets is another growing kitchen remodeling trend. It opens up the visual space, thus making your kitchen appear brighter and more spacious. You’ll also be able to use the countertop space more productively.

Realign Your Backsplash

When it comes to backsplashes, expect to see a stylistic and modern shift this year. First things first, horizontal subway tiles are out! Well, maybe not entirely out, but the few homeowners utilizing them are using the larger ones. 

Aside from using tiles with various patterns and textures, homeowners now opt for more giant tile slabs. You’ve got endless color options to select. It ultimately depends on your taste, and of course, your ability to perfectly mix and match color varieties.

If you want a classic look, try neutral patterns with natural textures. Alternatively, a pop of color enables you to get more creative with your kitchen remodeling designs. 

Single Level Multipurpose kitchen islands

Unlike the olden days, kitchen islands are no longer something minute to squeeze into your space. They’ve become focal points of the kitchen. The single-level larger sizing is one of the emerging kitchen remodeling options. 

This year’s massive kitchen islands will create an impact, and their designs must make a statement. They’ll come with storage solution cabinets and feature various under-counter appliances. 

Not to mention providing seating that can serve as a casual dining section or drinking bar. To effectively accommodate the increased size, expect to see kitchen islands that extend into living room spaces.

The Must-Have Marble Rule

Another thing that’s storming the kitchen design style charts is the return of marble. Aside from making a significant comeback, heavily veined marble is rapidly becoming synonymous with high-end luxury. 

Its classic attributes and ability to withstand passing kitchen remodeling trends makes it a worthy investment. Besides being a perfect choice for kitchen walling and flooring, you can use marble to create eye-catching sinks or even a kitchen island.

Hire a Kitchen Remodeling Expert

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