5 Top Bathroom Remodeling Trends

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5 Top Bathroom Remodeling Trends

5 Top Bathroom Remodeling Trends

If you have plans to upgrade your bathroom, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the latest bathroom remodeling trends. Your bathroom is a private sanctuary, a place where you refresh yourself every morning. A well-informed and thought-out facelift can convert your bathroom into a stylish and distinctive restroom in your house.

The Newest Bathroom Remodeling Trends

There are several new bathroom remodeling trends to inspire your next remodel. The styles range from sinks and vanities to showers and bathtubs. This article looks at the top designs, including patterns, finishes, prints, and textures. The list will spark some creativity, whether renovating an existing bathroom or building a new home.

Smart Bathrooms

The last few months have witnessed the development of smart toilets. These toilets feature advanced technologies like seat warmers and automatic lid openers. Now it’s time for smart bathrooms.

Smart Bathrooms have advanced features like mini-fridges, smart showers, and automatic sinks. These features allow you to program your shower to start automatically, and you’ll find your shower hot and ready when you get home from your day’s business.

The new technology also features built-in blue tooth speakers. You can enjoy your favorite music or podcasts as you take a shower. Other exciting features include smart mirrors that talk and voice-activated features for temperature regulation and lighting.

Lovely Tile Patterns and Designs

Basic tiles are now going beyond the graphics and colors into something more appealing to the eye, and traditional designs have resurfaced with new and elegant designs. You can go for the improved hexagon, chevron, earthy tile, or motif. 

These marvelous tile designs will grace both your bathroom floor and walls. You can use them as backsplashes on walls and ceiling accents to create a desirable bold accent. Here are the most trendy bathroom tile designs.

Wood-Accent Tiles

The latest trends are shifting towards an organic homestyle feel. Wood-look floor and wall tiles are back with a bang. The various shades of wood accents are an excellent substitute for the typical grey and white tiles.

Wood accents pair wonderfully with vintage trends, creating an admirable classical look to your bathroom. Since wood can swell and get damaged when exposed to moisture, these tiles are a great alternative. Try out this style, and you’ll love it. 

Earthy Slate

A few years after their debut, earthy slates are becoming quite popular. Most nature lovers prefer slate for its organic grain and a natural dark look, and Slates’ earthy feel make them a favorite design for nature-inspired interiors.

Earthy slates come in many accents and tones for several bathroom accessories. All of them pair wonderfully with both light and dark colors. They also appeal to the eyes, making your bathroom feel more serene and relaxed. Earthy slates are a unique way to make a dull bathroom lively. 

Chevron Tiles

Chevron tiles are back, but the v-shaped and Z-shaped patterns have made a twist this time. They come in varied colors and are made of stone, glass, or ceramics. The trend is all the rage among art lovers. So if you have an uptake for art deco designs, chevron tiles are made for you.

Hexagon Tiles

Hexagon is taking homeowners by storm. Current styles include the smallest and most dainty floor tiles. Designers have also pushed the trend to unimaginable heights to include grandiose pieces.

Detailed and Multi-paned Motifs

These intricate motifs are a marvel. They add glamor to small bathrooms and are fun to clean. From maximalist and minimalist to modern Mediterranean trends, they can fit a variety of styles. You can easily blend them with contemporary finishes and a light scheme.

Advanced Asymmetrical mirrors

The old days of plated mirrors are long gone. Distinctive, asymmetrical, and advanced mirrors are abuzz. They are even smarter than ever before. New features include smart touch technology, USB ports, and anti-fog technology. 

Asymmetrical mirrors enable you to the right design or hairstyle for the day. They have a lighting system that helps you groom yourself while still in your sleek bathroom. The front-lit mirror designs allow for photo inspirations of your choice.

Twin Showerheads

With this design, you’ll no longer have to wait for your significant other to finish showering. Your bathroom will have showerheads for two. Double showerheads are a marvelous addition that makes the bathroom more luxurious and accommodating.

You can go for contrasting fixtures that will make your bathroom’s color scheme stand out more. For example, you can have a black finish against light palettes, and white will also stand out well in a darker room.

Under-the-Floor Heating Systems

Floor heating systems are another innovative bathroom remodeling trend. You don’t have to wear a pair of slippers to protect your feet from the cold, and Under-the-floor heating goes well with a variety of flooring designs like concrete, vinyl, wood, and tiles. 

Floor heating systems have other advantages. They make the floor warm and soothing and reduce noise levels. Since they prevent air currents from disturbing the dust, allergic reactions become rarer.

It’s Time to Give Your Bathroom an Elegant Look

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